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Ogoh-ogoh Giant

Ogoh-ogoh in a form of Giant, locally named as Bhuta Kala

What is ogoh-ogoh? Ogoh-ogoh are forms of sculptures describing the Bhuta Kala personality. Bhuta Kala represents the strength (Bhu) of universe and time (Kala) that are immeasurable and irrefutable. Bhuta Kala portrayed as large and intimidating; usually in the form of giant.

In addition to the form of giant, Ogoh-ogoh are also depicted in the form of other creatures such as dragon, elephant, and even contemporary sculptures like a businessman, robot, etc. Ogoh-ogoh are made some days before Nyepi and rollicking paraded around the village at dusk Pangrupukan, one day before Nyepi.

Here are other ogoh-ogoh figures captured a day before Nyepi this year.

Ogoh-ogoh Bhuta Kala

Ogoh-ogoh in other shape version of Bhuta Kala








Ogoh-ogoh in Elephant shape

Ogoh-ogoh in Elephant shape











More ogoh-ogoh can be found in our Gallery.

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