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Bali Strait

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When you come to Bali from Jawa riding a car or motorbike then you need to cross Bali Strait. Go drive towards Port Ketapang and go inside the ferry after paying fee at the gate. Do not stay in your car, the parking area on the ferry is very narrow. Special skills are required to park vehicles on ferries, especially if your car is the last car that goes to the ferry.

Bali Strait - Parking on Ferry

Narrow parking area on the ferry, get off from your car


Get off from your vehicle and walk upstairs to the deck of the ferry. You will see the beauty of Bali Strait when the ferry start moving across the strait. Feel the freshness sea water by staring at the blue clean water surrounding the ferry while the wind blowing thru your face.

Bali Strait - Fresh Water

Feel the freshness of blue clean sea water



In the middle of the ocean you will meet some other ferry passing by from the opposite direction, greet the passengers on other ferry by raising your hand, feel the excitement together.

Bali Strait - Other Ferry

Passing by other ferry



Far behind the ferry there is a mountain seen as if it floating on water. What a beautiful scenery.

Bali Strait - Mountain

Mountains as if they are floating on water



In about half an hour you will arrive at Port Gilimanuk, the gateway to Bali located in Jembrana Regency. Welcome to Bali, eastern part of the paradise.

Bali Strait - Port Gilimanuk

Port of Gilimanuk

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